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Practical Tips for Home Sellers in the Coronavirus Era

Practical Tips for Home Sellers 
in the Coronavirus Era


A lot of people have decided not to sell their homes in the middle of a pandemic, which has led to a drop in new listings, as well as the total supply of homes on the market. However, some people still need to move, and it’s not a bad time to sell because there is a high demand for homes. Plus, as states slowly begin to re-open, new listings are starting to rise and more people are warming up to the idea of showing their homes. 


Since the home-selling process is stressful in a normal year, you may be worried about taking it on with social distancing in place. But if you approach it with the right strategies, you can land the sale you want without becoming overwhelmed along the way.


Learn about the real estate market.


Researching the impact that the coronavirus has had on the housing market can help you to prepare for selling. More people have de-listed their homes than usual, sale prices have dropped, and fewer homes are being built. Also, where the market will stand in six months largely depends on what happens with the spread of the coronavirus throughout the country. However, the demand for housing is still strong, which you can take advantage of. Plus, working with a savvy real estate agent like Dawn Peterson with HomeSmart Evergreen can put you on the path toward a successful sale. 


Learn about safe ways to show your home. 


While more prospective buyers may be reluctant to see your home in person, there are a number of ways to show your home virtually. For example, you can create a 3D walkthrough, where buyers can view a 3D model of your home and even edit the furnishings and decor. 


Another option is to create a video walkthrough, which will allow buyers to view your home at any time; however, this method uses real photos and videos to showcase the property. One method that is becoming especially popular among buyers and sellers is live video chat, through which you basically give buyers a tour of your home using a video chat app or software.


Purge away. 


Regardless of how you’re selling your home, de-cluttering is an essential part of the process. Go through each room and space, and purge all of your unwanted items. Also, determine which items you want to keep but need to get out of your home while it’s on the market. If you have a considerable number of such items, renting a self-storage unit is a good approach.


Clean. And clean again.


Similar to de-cluttering, you will want to clean your home more thoroughly than you ever have before. This means going through each room and dusting, wiping, and vacuuming from top to bottom. One thing to consider is making your own cleaning solutions from ingredients you already have at home. That way, you can ensure that you are able to clean, whether or not the local stores have the right products in stock. Plus, this helps you to minimize the number of chemicals and toxins circulating throughout your home.


Moreover, if you are working from home and experiencing more clutter, or if you have kids in tow, you will need to come up with a daily cleaning routine. Along with keeping your workspace and surrounding areas organized, recruit your kids to help keep the home clean and tidy. 


Prepare your kids for disruption.


Getting your house ready for sale is one thing, but getting your kids on board can make the process a bit more challenging. In addition to having a cleaning routine they can help with, keeping them occupied during online showings or video chat tours will be critical. Explain to your kids what’s going on, and look for ways to help them better understand the situation. To keep them busy and out of the way when it’s go-time, distractions like an age-friendly tablet, handheld video game systems or their favorite books can go a long way toward giving you the chance to take care of business without interruptions.


Depersonalize your home.


Last but not least, you will want to depersonalize your home. This basically means showcasing your home’s best features, even if it’s not in your personal taste. For example, you might rearrange the furniture to open up certain spaces, paint the walls a neutral color, and/or remove family items like trophies, photos, and refrigerator art. It’s okay to maintain a little of your personality; just keep in mind that your goal is to appeal to a wide range of buyers. 




There have been worse times to sell a home. And if you employ good strategies, you should be able to make the sale you envision. Consider the tips listed here as you get started, and remember to take advantage of the high demand these days!

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