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Having Overnight Guests For The Holidays?

Having overnight guests for the holidays? Even if you’re up to your eyeballs in, family, work, and holiday chores, with a bit of thought and planning you’ll be ready for holiday guests and they’ll feel right at home! Here are some tips for making your guests feel welcome and comfortable.

1. Clean and Declutter

Declutter your home as much as possible, paying extra attention to the guest bedroom, kitchen, and bathrooms. Include these on your checklist:

  • Clean your fridge.
  • Add arrangements of fresh flowers or greenery in your guest room and living areas. Even if you’re not interested in holiday decorating, this helps make your home feel more inviting and festive.

guest room

2. Create a Comfy Bed

Designate a place for your guests to sleep. Whether it’s a guest room, kid’s room, office, or even a pull-out couch or air mattress in the living room, be sure to check off these to-dos:

  • Make the bed as comfortable and inviting as possible, regardless of the type of bed your guests will use.
  • Invest in a topper to add softness if guests are sleeping in an older bed, or air bed.
  • Check that guest sheets are in good shape and freshly laundered.
  • Provide extra pillows and blankets they can easily access.
  • Invest in window coverings if your guest’s room doesn’t have them.

3. Find a Place for Clothes

Clear or make space in guest room closet or in a nearby closet so guests can hang up clothes. Add these to list:

  • Include extra hangers for your guests’ clothes.
  • Clear out a few drawers if possible for holiday guests staying longer than a night or two.
  • Make a space for their luggage. A luggage rack would be ideal, but a sturdy chair, ottoman, or desk will also work.

night table

4. Add a Nightstand

It may not seem necessary, but having a bedside table for guests is so convenient. Any type of table will do and be sure it’s near an outlet. Add these nice touches to the nightstand:

  • A reading lamp
  • Bottle (or two) of water
  • Box of tissues
  • A small clock or digital alarm clock--(not one that ticks)
  • Outlet available for charging electronics.

5. Ready a Bathroom

Making your guests’ bathroom as convenient and welcoming is as important as the guest room. Here are things you can do to show how much you care:

  • Provide a stack of clean towels for your guests.
  • Have shampoo, conditioner, and a fresh bar of soap available in the shower/bath.
  • Store extra toilet paper in a convenient place.
  • bath vanityPlace a small basket in the cabinet or on the counter with travel-size toiletries such as lotion, toothpaste, mouthwash, dental floss, hairspray, and so on.
  • Add extra toothbrushes in the cabinet, too.
  • Plug in a nightlight to help guests navigate to the bathroom at night. You can consider buying the motion detector type that plugs into a standard outlet.

6. Make Your Home Easily Accessible

For the holidays, you may have family or friends that traditionally stay for longer visits. That may mean they’ll be coming and going, so here are tips for making their stay easier:

  • Give all your holiday guests an extra house key or the code for front door, alarm, or garage.
  • Write your internet password on a small card they can keep so they don’t have to remember it.
  • Show your guests how to operate the thermostat, and where a fan or space heater is if needed.
  • Provide instructions on how to use the TV remote and access movie and cable channels.

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